Animatie cursussen op LinkedIn

Wil je binnen je bedrijf zélf aan de slag met 2D animaties? Binnen het Learning gedeelte van  LinkedIn kun je veel (gratis & betaald) e-learnings vinden. Bijvoorbeeld deze 10 uur durende cursus van animator Dermot O'Conner, hij laat in 100 video's de basisprincipes zien van het maken van een animatie. Leuk & interessant!

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Animatie Provincie Groningen: provincie en gemeenten per 1 januari over op groene energie

Alle gemeentelijke en provinciale gebouwen, bruggen, sluizen, straatlantaarns en kermisattracties in de gemeenten Groningen, Hogeland, Midden-Groningen, Westerkwartier en Delfzijl werken vanaf 1 januari 2019 op groene stroom. Ook de energie voor de gebouwen van de Veiligheidsregio en Omgevingsdienst komt voortaan uit duurzame energiebronnen, zoals zonnepanelen en windmolens.

Animaty maakte de bijbehorende animatie. Hierin worden onder meer de verschillende gemeenten & gemeentehuizen getoond die meedoen aan dit initiatief. De animatie wordt komende periode getoond in displays in alle gemeentehuizen en wordt

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Tips for Making 2D Animation

In the last decade, business and corporate organizations have turned to the use of animation videos to connect and interact with their target audience. Since the introduction of YouTube and other social media platforms in the online space, the demand for 2D animation videos has steadily increased.

2D animation versus Whiteboard animation

There are two commonly used animation types all delivering different quality. 2D animation and Whiteboard animation. Whiteboard animations are better if there is more text involved in the

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Balancing Traditionalism and Creativity in Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are a fantastic way to create easy-to-understand, engaging, and memorable explainer videos that not only tell a wonderful story and educate viewers, but encourage them to share the video and purchase a service or product.

In our last blog, we divulged some tips on making effective whiteboard animations. In this post, we’ll be delving more into detail about creating a whiteboard animation that is unique and creative while maintaining enough of its traditional structure to still work well.

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Tips for making Whiteboard Animation

If you’re looking to make a video that shows or teaches a potentially complicated device or idea, then you may want to opt for a whiteboard animation. A whiteboard animation is a classic form of explainer video that uses the setting of an individual illustrating something on a whiteboard alongside high-quality animation in order to explain a complex idea.

Whiteboard videos are a fantastic way to appeal to more than just your specific target audience, and they’re extremely effective. In

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Why YouTube Video Advertising is Perfect for Animation Advertisements

Out of all the possible forms of video advertising, advertising on Youtube is one of the most popular options. As the second largest search engine in the world with a user base almost one-third of the internet, it has the biggest reach unseen in any other platform, and that’s the tip of the iceberg if we’re considering just raw numbers. Here’s a look at other reasons why YouTube is amazing for animation advertisements.

Advantages to Animation in Video Advertising

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The Psychology of Video Advertisements: Animation vs Live Action

Our previous blogs have thoroughly discussed why video advertising is so crucial in today’s world. They reach millions, if not billions, of individuals who use mobile devices. They play into the brain’s natural attraction to movement and make the most of its short attention span. They can create a strong emotional connection that boosts brand recall. It’s no secret that they are vital to any good marketing campaign.

When you consider your vision for an advertisement, you’ll find that

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The Production of Video Advertisements: Animation vs Live Action

In a world where more than 70% of all traffic online is video traffic, businesses need to consider video marketing one of their top priorities in spreading the word about their brand. This is especially crucial since these statistics are expected to exceed 80% by 2019, and you don’t want to miss out on the huge potential a video ad can provide.

In our last blog on this subject, titled The Potential of Video Advertising, we discussed some of the

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