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Blogs over nieuwe projecten, video statistieken en nog veel meer..

Help Groningen to become a waste-free city in 2025

In Groningen, we throw away an average of 400 kg of waste per person each year. This animation shows what happens with the residual waste and how inhabitants can help Groningen to become a waste-free city in 2025. #animaty #animations #groningen #wastefreecity2025

Vakantieblogs 2018

Afgelopen zomer heb ik 8 animatie vakantieblogs gepubliceerd. Hier kun je ze allemaal (27 pagina’s) downloaden (gratis & geen registratie). Veel leesplezier en delen=fijn!

Tips for Making 2D Animation

In the last decade, business and corporate organizations have turned to the use of animation videos to connect and interact with their target audience. Since the introduction of YouTube and other social media platforms in the online space, the demand for 2D animation videos has